October 2012 was the second anniversary of #blacklitchat, the chat I co-founded with Dee Stewart. Dee (@deegospel) passed away in early October. She was an author, a professional publicist, journalist and a mother. She is missed by many.

I didn’t plan it, but #blacklitchat was on hiatus for two months. There were many things happening around me that had my attention and I needed to be still in some way(s).

I miss talking about books with our Twitter readers, so the chat is back.

We’ll chat Sunday, Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. with one of our favorite authors, Tananarive Due, who is a prolific author of novels including mysteries, fantasy and horror.


I’ve been a fan of Tananarive’s work since I first heard her speak at NABJ in the mid-90s. She had a new novel, The Between, and I devoured it after hearing her speak.

We’ll discuss her latest book with two of her co-authors, her husband, Stephen Barnes and Blair Underwood. Yes, that Blair Underwood.


The novel is South by Southeast, the latest in their series of Tennyson Hardwick novels. Ten has become one of my favorite detectives. He carries no badge and has a background on the wrong side of the law as well as a career as an actor. Each novel brings us Hollywood, a little vice, and a look at what a man can do when he’s desperate – or working for someone who is.

Join us Sunday night to learn more about Tennyson Hardwick and Tananarive Due. Feel free to bring her questions about any of her novels, writing or her work at Spelman College where, as Cosby Chair, she is bringing amazing speakers (Blair Underwood, Ava DuVernay) to speak on campus.