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It has been a few days since I’ve written and I am not happy about slipping off the #writelikecrazy and #30in30 challenges.

But I’m back today.

The project I’m working on for #writelikecrazy feels big and beyond my skills and just a little crazy. Crazy like what makes me think I can tell this story?

I’m not sure I can. I do know that since it first occurred to me a few years ago, I haven’t let the idea go. And I’ve noticed something interesting since focusing on it for #writelikecrazy.

What I need to see and hear and think about to make sense of the story seems to be closer at hand now that I’m working on it.

For instance, someone posted a link about an art exhibit that will be so important to how I visualize and then write one of the characters. I was so thankful to hear about the exhibit, which is in another state. I hope to get there to see it and if I can’t I will purchase the catalogue of images.

The exhibit would be there whether I was writing this story or not. But it was the perfect boost to see it and it reminded me of the reasons I want to tell this story.

My other example came this week. A friend who is a novelist sent me the first three chapters of his book on how to write a novel. He asked me to read and give him some feedback. Timing is everything and that book is going to be so useful to me.

In other words, I’m doing the work (and giving myself permission to do what I can rather than saying it’s not enough) and the idea is being fed.

I need those little boosts to keep going and push past my worries that I am not skilled enough to write this story. That’s not what I need to judge. I need to write it and it will be the story that I’m able to tell and in re-writing and editing, I hope it will be more than I can imagine.