I love to travel and while this is not a travel blog, I have written a few posts related to travel. @OneBrownGirl (Tracey Friley) and a team of other brown girls who travel are doing something great this coming year. They have created the Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival.

The first post is on each blogger’s top five traveling pet peeves. This was a challenge for me, because I’m generally just glad to be getting on a plane.

1. People who complain about children on airplanes. This is my number one peeve because the children are human beings, too and the emotions they feel are not that different than what the adults experience as they travel. The difference is that if your ears bother you, an adult, on a flight or you’re tired or nervous, you express it another way. For children, especially infants and toddlers, sometimes the way they can express it is by crying.

And yes, I know that there are kids who are actually misbehaving in airports and on planes. And yes, there are sometimes parenting issues involved as well.

Adults sometimes act out, too, but we don’t complain about simply having a bunch of grown ups on our flight.

2. People who forget their manners while traveling. A plane or a train places a bunch of strangers in fairly tight spaces. And we need to be on our best behavior. My example for this is hearing a man boarding a flight who was obviously frustrated about a delay. He was talking to someone on his cell phone, much too loud for the space and he was cursing. We were all frustrated by the delay and hearing his tirade wasn’t necessary. Everything is better when all of us travelers remember our manners.

3. Airport food and water prices. I love getting to the terminal and taking time to pick out a snack, water and a magazine (or two). The incredibly high prices in most airports brings the party down a bit. Fortunately, I’ve noticed that more locations now have their employees ensure that you understand the price before you pay, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. I rarely walk away without buying anything, but I would probably buy more and have a better experience if items weren’t marked up so high.

4. Bag fees. Obviously this is a pet peeve for most of us. When I travel, I need clothes and shoes and it’s frustrating to have to pay for the privilege of having those things. Unless I’m flying to visit my parents (where I’ve now left a few items of clothing so I don’t need luggage), travel means carrying a bag. Now, I just carry a much smaller one.

5. Brrr, it’s cold! It’s so cold in most places along the way (airports, planes, hotels) that I always bring a jacket. I’m so thankful that I can turn the vent off at my seat when needed.