Yesterday, I didn’t post and I didn’t write.

The day I expected wasn’t what I ended up with, but it was still good.

However sitting down at 10 p.m. to write, then hearing a huge storm, wasn’t a good combination. And then the power blinked.

I was tired and not really up to waiting later to write (although I could have written on battery power or on actual paper).

So I failed to meet the goal. And now I can only achieve 29 posts in 30 days, not #30in30.

Today I’m back. I was disappointed, but I am getting better about not letting disappointment take over every single thing.

And I learned (through a very timely Facebook post) of an upcoming exhibit related to my #writelikecrazy project. That was a quick boost that made me want to get right into the document. It’s also helping me rethink the setting.

To get to that work I had to talk myself out of trying to dismiss it because it would be so imperfect. And I had to tune out my inner critic who was telling me that there was no way I could do this big idea justice.

And I wrote a bit, staring down that fear one more night.