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Making a commitment to write every day and work on a project is helping me identify my barriers. Yesterday I wrote about how full my life is and that, without a special circumstance, it feels like my “real” life doesn’t allow for a writing life.

Tonight, I thought about writing as I picked up one distraction after another and felt my energy slip away.

I had to write something, though. And soon, to make my #30in30 goal and my #writelikecrazy goal.

For #30in30 (blog posts) I’m doing quick posts on what I’m thinking – I may write about #blacklitchat and other things as well.

For #writelikecrazy I have two book projects I am scared to launch. Even having two is a distraction – I need to just focus on one to completion.

In order to fulfill my commitment to myself tonight I started writing on the one project (which I did a very rough outline for last week). I coached myself and reminded myself that it could be terrible and that was no reason not to start.

That is one of my biggest barriers. What I type in will be imperfect, maybe even laughable and I have doubts about whether that’s worth and and whether I can do what’s necessary to make a story work.

So I put down nothing and I watch my ideas slip through my fingers. I’m just tired enough of that to tell myself that even a bad, completed version of my idea is better than sitting in fear of the effort.

Tonight I wrote 261 words on the project. They may not even survive, but I wrote, I started.