Day 7 of the #30in30 blog post challenge and #WRITELIKECRAZY.

I have been, to quote the very kind @ndcollier, a “bawse” at this during these first few days.

The real test is what happens for the rest of the month. During the first six days my husband and kids were out of time. So sure, I could blog every day, because there was a long list of things I wasn’t doing while having time on my own.

They’re back now.

And earlier tonight I realized I’d actually forgotten about posting. Not a good sign.

Obviously I only forgot for a short time and I’m back here posting something. And wondering how to make the time for the rest of the month to write. How does this work in my real life?

What can I give up, stop doing or do faster to get this writing time in?

Doing this while the Olympics is going on layers on another distraction. I really want to see the track and field and other events. And I really want to keep writing.

The first six days has been fabulous and fun. I’m going to keep that in mind for all those nights (or mornings) when I feel like I can’t write anything or post.

Showing up is the thing right now. And tonight I did.