Questioning my writing choices #30in30

My post will be short today (tonight) because I’m quite tired.

I had a wonderful Sunday that included church, brunch and brainstorming with friends, food shopping, laundry, a little cleaning and cooking, a fitness walk and my usual web surfing and TV watching.

And it’s way past my bed time.

I had today for myself – no husband or kids – just doing whatever I wanted. And I didn’t choose writing. It feels like I did everything but writing. I didn’t even read much today.

I think that’s a big part of my challenge with writing and why I haven’t continued to push forward and write.

My life is very full, but I do make time for some things other than work and family. If I am not making writing one of the other things, then what does that mean? I have to figure out if it means I’m too scared or don’t really have the passion necessary.

Because it’s another late night and I haven’t moved my writing project forward. In spite of having hours at my disposal.

Why don’t I choose writing? Maybe that’s the work I really should do now; figure out why I won’t follow the path.