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One of the fun parts of #30in30, so far, is that I don’t know what I’m going to write about and I have the day to decide on a topic.

That could be one of the challenging parts of this practice as well.

Today i was reminded of the joy of wandering. Wandering is moving about without a fixed aim or goal. (I knew that, but I did look it up because sometimes it’s a helpful prompt to see the definition of a word).

Usually, my life has many fixed appointments, expectations and tasks. Just like most adults. I have free time and I use it, but not always wisely. I often fill it up with more places to be at a certain time.

I did that today during the first half of the day with a fitness class I wanted to take and a movie – things with fixed times.

After the movie, I got a call that would affect my schedule for the next couple of days and I decided to let go of the rest of my errand, shopping and “get it done” list for today and just stay out a little longer. I drove to Winter Park , had a French pastry and lingered over an Orangina. Then I walked down Park Avenue and just looked in store windows and did a little browsing.

No agenda, no specific item to pick up, no deadline to meet someone or get back home. I also didn’t look at the time. I wandered.

I don’t wander enough. I enjoyed my walk and saw some things that were interesting and didn’t miss having an agenda.

Writing everyday like this feels like mental wandering. My #30in30 posts don’t have an agenda other than just being posted. And I can wander and write about whatever I choose and flit from community and accountability to wandering without having to make or justify a connection.

I’m just wandering and writing and seeing what I can do for this month. Tomorrow I may write about why my #writelikecrazy challenge isn’t getting done and what I need to do to add a bit of “wander” to that project as well.

There’s more to this and hopefully I’ll come back and read and write about wandering.

Do you wander? What do you do to let go of the scheduling and just have unstructured time?