Music is one of my key mood lifters. And on Sundays, I have a specific order to what I like to hear to honor and enjoy some downtime and spiritual space.

When I make it a priority to get my music time in, I definitely enjoy Sunday more, even when I still have to be productive and make it from one activity to another.

My formula is simple. Traditional and contemporary gospel in the morning on the way to church (if I’m going) and right after church. Then an hour or two of reggae (usually not dancehall, though) from WPRK and streaming media. And in the evening as the sun is setting and I can feel Monday lurking around the corner, a bit of Latin jazz with more than a little Brazil in the mix.

I used to cobble together this Sunday soundscape by moving from one radio station to another through the day. But things change, including stations, so now I supplement with Pandora or the music via our cable provider.

Still makes the day.