Last month I attended the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Orlando. It’s an event I’ve long wanted to attend and it was great.

One of the highlights was hearing and seeing Prof. Anita Hill speak.

I was very excited to see her live and very fortunate to sit at a table of powerful women right up front.

Prof. Hill is funny, poised and clearly brilliant. It meant so much to me to hear her speak, because I remember the hearing and watching it on television with a girlfriend from college. Prof. Hill’s decision to speak up and grace in doing so was amazing.

I took a lot of notes during the Women of Power Summit, including during Prof. Hill’s on-stage conversation with an editor from Black Enterprise. As I was using just my touch screen to type, the quotes below are as accurate as possible without my having a recording to check them against.

What she said about hearing so many years ago: “I believed in the integrity of the Court.” That includes the integrity of the people on the court.

“Your task is to go and tell them about your experience,” she told herself at the time. “I did my job.”

“I have a good sense of who I am. I had it then and I have it now.” If she didn’t all she had to do was look around and see her family.

About how she was raised and having vision: Prof. Hill’s mother had a vision for her children that was bigger than the immediate circumstances. “Don’t let your vision be circumscribed by the immediate circumstances.”

Reimagining EqualityAbout her book, Reimagining Equality: Stores of Gender, Race and Finding Home: Her book is not about wealth, but about security. People are losing homes in the foreclosure crisis and it is having a particular impact on Black women.

Loss of home ownership jeopardizes us financially and jeopardizes our stake in the American dream.

An African-American family in the nation’s symbolic home is profound. This about who we are at home with as Americans. She said the birther movement is about taking President Obama out of his place.

Prof. Hill also talked about the importance of home ownership and the dream of home ownership and place in our history and culture. It is so important that it is a theme or subject of A Raisin in the Sun and the television show, The Jeffersons.

You can read more about Prof. Hill’s book on the publisher’s web site.

Disclosure: My registration for the Women of Power Summit was provided by GM. My thoughts and opinions are my own.