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When I visit my hometown, Spartanburg, S.C., I usually spend a little time at the chain coffee shop. I’m often there for a holiday and part of being on holiday for me is walking to the coffee shop.

My last 3 visits this year, I did something different. I went to a locally owned coffee shop on West Main Street. It’s next to the Hub City Bookshop (books + coffee!).

The first time I went to the The Coffee Bar
I ordered a peppermint mocha (yum) and the guy who took  my order offered their loyalty card. And I took it, even though it seemed a little ridiculous. There was no way I’d get 10 cups of coffee over just a few days.

There’s a bakery, Cakehead Bakeshop, in the back of the shop and many pastries to choose from. I tried the pimento cheese biscuit – so, so, Southern. And on a later visit I saw the most beautiful red velvet cake, but didn’t have a slice. (I’m really proud of my self-restraint).

The Coffee Bar is really a lovely place and I spent about two hours there one morning and saw the rush. It was busy and so good to see many folks stopping in for a meeting or on their way to work.

My preference is to have coffee at local shops when I can. I hope that The Coffee Bar continues to be successful so I have a place to be when I go home. It really is great to see downtown Spartanburg shops thrive.