Soul for the holidays

For the 2nd year, we stayed home for Christmas rather than going back to my hometown (which I still call home most days). I miss being with my extended family and I want our nuclear family to have holiday time in our own home.

So this is where we are for now.

One of the things that helps me miss home a little less (or maybe it just helps me bring the Christmas of my childhood to mind) is music.

I love holiday music and made sure this year to listen to plenty traditional R&B holiday songs. Hearing The Temptations’ “Silent Night” as well as “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas” and other classics brings those holiday memories back. And I do want my children to love the songs, too.

Today I finally seeded my Pandora station just right and heard Otis Redding, Darlene Love, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and so many other soul superstars as we played with toys, made dinner and enjoyed the day.

I know we’re done with Christmas, but this year it’s hard for me to let the songs and the memories go. I need to hear these songs for a little while longer, so I will probably be playing them in the car until the end of the year.

May your days be merry and bright …