My daughter is still at an age where she loves to play with her dolls. And she has many fashion dolls and all their accessories.

One evening this summer, she asked to play dolls before going to bed and she pulled out some of the girls and placed them in her Barbie doll house.

Sometimes it’s very hard for me to access my “play” self. I know I played as a kid, but I struggle to do that as a grown up. The night of the doll party I was able to do it – play and lose myself in the story.

The girls were having a party – I think it may have been someone’s birthday. There was cake and punch and music. The photo was taken well before the pinata, the “Whip My Hair” dance off and other doll shenanigans.

We had so much fun that evening. I used my phone and DJed some favorite songs and we had the dolls flipping their hair and breaking down some pretty amazing dance moves for the plastic-limbed set.

It also felt like being a girl again for me. One doll (she’s in the middle in the photo) is wearing a dress from one of my fashion dolls back in the 70s. My daughter actually had those dolls for a while, since my mother found them, beautiful as ever in our family attic. Even then I had a black Barbie – Christie was her name. And there were still outfits stored in my fashion doll carrying case.

This party took me back to that and I was so glad my daughter had my dolls and that she has an entire group of dolls (this photo only shows about 2/3 of her collection). And yes the number of black dolls she has is intentional. Not all of her dolls are black, but most of them are; and all of them are fashionistas, world travelers and fun to be around. 😉