I have trouble starting again. Starting something the first time is no problem. When I come up with a new idea I am excited and can’t stop talking about it. Sometimes I even give my self time / make time to write down my ideas and type them up.

For some of my dream projects I reach out and send them to my friends for advice, feedback and just a word of encouragement.

Then something comes up. Family. Work. Health. Travel. A shiny new opportunity that doesn’t help me get the dream project done.

And I turn my head, heart and energy away from the dream project. A few days, weeks or months later it feels like it’s too late. I’ve cooled off and I decide someone else will do it better or that it’s not a great idea after all.

Instead of picking up where I left off (which is sometimes right after constructive feedback), I move on and let it go.

I’m at the tricky crossroads now with a project I love. It’s a book project and I did good work on it this spring – preliminary, but good. But lots of life has happened and I’ve let many nights pass when I say, “I’m too tired, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.”

This has happened – I’ve let this happen – way too much in my life and I have lots of lovely ideas (okay some are probably not all that, but still) that I left wither and die.

I’m so done with that and tired of myself.

So I took baby steps tonight. Wrote down my working title. Added names to a list I need for the book. And over the past few weeks I’ve been reminding myself to say no by focusing on what my real goal is.

I’m getting started again where I am. It’s not over. It’s not too late. It’s time. lt’s absolutely possible for me to develop this project.

Tell me, how do you motivate yourself to start again when you’ve gotten distracted or off-track?