One of the many things that I thought about while in Hong Kong is just how much I stick close to home in Orlando. In my younger days I loved to “run the streets.” Getting out was one of my goals and while I never was a party animal, I like to at least know what’s going on so when I want, I can go, go, go.

In Hong Kong, during the weeks I was there without my family, and after I made two great friends, I was out a lot. Restaurants, walking the city – just out and about. I loved it and thought about why I wasn’t doing that at home. Lots of excuses – parenting, working, and even aging.

But I really love a night out with friends or just finding something to do and doing it. It makes the weekend for me.

So I decided to find my way back, sensibly, to that part of me when I got back home. Well, I’m here and already doing things like going to the Central Florida Bloggers Conference today. No better place to start figuring out what there is to do and see and, naturally, eat, than a room full of local bloggers.

It was a great event run by Central Florida Top 5 founder Bess Auer. And in addition to blog tips (and tips about bloggers) I met folks and learned of sites that will give me plenty to do in Orlando.

Here’s just a few of the bloggers I met – there are more, who I’ll add to my favorites.

Mom Jovi Blog

Mega Yummo


Katie’s Cucina

My Sentiment Exactlee

There were over 100 bloggers there – so I’m going to go through the hashtag and see who I missed, but should be following.