>I’m missing a lot of books – and some books aren’t actually getting out there or published in the first place.

I was thinking today about finding books that I’d like to read. And in a way I’m overloaded on information. I consume a lot of media and I am a lover of books so I hear about new titles on blogs, e-mail lists and the like.

Sometimes it’s too much though. And right now, all of my book information comes from the anonymous/computer voice. A real person probably wrote the information, but I’m not in a place in my life where people press books into my hands and say, read this.

Nor am I having/taking time to browse stores.

I do still make it to the library, but event that has been reduced.

So how do I cut through the clutter?

It takes a couple of hits for me to cut through. I’ve heard about Stacyann Chin’s memoir and Danzy Senna’s new book. I think I heard about them in looking for reviews for the blog. And maybe Tayari Jones mentioned Stacyann Chin’s book on her blog. Sitting at the hair salon today – something I don only every 2 or 3 months, I picked up Elle magazine. Which I never do. And there, on their readers’ pick page were both of those books. Plus another by a woman of color that sounded great. But I should have written it down.

Now, if I can hold the cover image, title or author names from any of those three books in my head until I get to the bookstore or, more likely, library, I may get one of them.

That’s a long way to go for the books. I think it used to be simpler than that for me.