>As I try out a new schedule for organizing posts, I’ve decided Friday should be for kids literature/books. If memory serves, many children’s books featuring children, adults of African descent come out during January and February for the six weeks that is the King holiday and Black History Month. I’ll feature some of the new titles here.

The Los Angeles Times has a round up story about the new books out about President-elect Barack Obama, including editions updated to show he won the election and is the 44th president. I’m particularly interested in the biographies for older kids.

Michelle Kerns of Examiner.com shares her three top books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And finally, here’s a site I found just this week, Brown Sugar and Spice Books. They feature books for us and focus on titles that are reality-based, rather than fantasy. I saw lots of books that I’d seen elsewhere (Obama books and others) as well as interesting titles that were new to me.