>We’ll see about that book club. The Progressive Book Club launches tomorrow. I’m curious about their selections, but have always been wary of book and music clubs. I always fear I’m going to be sucked into a contract that I’ll hate later. I wonder how they’ll combat that feeling – I can’t be the only progressive who shies away from such.
Read the NYTimes story.

Obama Moment

Earlier this week I was in love with this article about the reaction to Obama by Blacks in France. And very pleased to see an author quoted in it – I hope her book is or will be available in English. Her name is Leonora Miano and the book title is “Tels des Astres Éteints” (“Like Extinguished Stars”).

Can’t believe I missed it
Tananarive Due’s book, Blood Colony, came out on June 3. I love her work and that storyline in particular. I can’t believe I let the date get by me. I will get a copy in a week or so.

Upcoming and recent releases:
Palace Council, by Stephen L. Carter on July 8
The Importance of Being Dangerous, by David Dante Troutt on June 3 (love this title)
Catwalk, by Deborah Gregory on June 24
Keeping Down the Black Vote: The Politics of Election Administration in America“, by Frances Fox Piven, Lori Minnite, Margaret Groarke, Dec. 8, 2008
A Mercy, by Toni Morrison, Nov. 11, 2008 (set in the American past – that was the only description on Amazon – curious).