>Yes – I’m slacker blogger of the week. It hasn’t quite been two months – just really close.

But I’m willing to get back into this blog thing.

The Crime Sistah blog has a post up about book signings – apparently authors sell between 4 and 7 books at signings. THat seems really, really low to me. And hardly worth the travel effort. But the connections are worth it – I hope!

I’ll be interested to see what kind of discussion follows that post.

Celebrity author – pro or con?
Tananarive Due’s new novel, Blood Colony, will be out in June of this year. I can’t wait to read that – it’s the third in a series that I love.

She co-authored, with Blair Underwood and her husband, Steven Barnes, Casanegra. The mystery novel is the first in a series and the second will be out in September. Blair was quoted somewhere recently – unfortunately I can’t remember where! – and mentioned his second novel would be out in September. He did not mention his co-authors, but I’m sure that’s just because of space.