>NYTimes Review of Race Card by Richard Thompson Ford. Subtitle: How Bluffing About Bias Makes Race Relations Worse.
From my quick read of the review, it sounds like the book is worth reading – though I am getting a bit of a conservative vibe from it. I’m working on doing more nonfiction reading and less escaping from reality, so perhaps this makes it to the to-be-read list.

A group of newspaper cartoonists are banding together to do strips on one topic this Sunday – the lack of diversity in newspaper comics. Read more in the Washington Post.

I went to John Ridley’s blog on NPR.org for the first time today. And then went over to their NPR mobile set up – NPR content on your phone – that made me happier than I should admit.

Did you know that NPR has a “Race” page? Neither did I. Here it is.