>I am trying mightily to begin using a Mac as my only personal computer at home. But I keep running into frustrating (for me) wrinkles – like not seeing a hyperlink button in the blogger window. So I am posting individual notes rather than one long item here.

What is most frustrating for me is that I don’t feel I have any time for the things I imagine I like to do – like this blog, writing and just playing on the computer. So a little glitch – when I need to be done in 15 minutes, can ruin the idea altogether.

Today (and on previous occasions, too) I read that what really makes distinguishes successful people is that they do not see failure as an end point. I am trying to work through that issue – as I struggle with failure – it is an endpoint for me and I have left most of my dreams behind because of first failures.

Can you tell it’s the first day of the new year, yet? I am, like many, ruminating on what’s lost, what’s ahead and what I need to fix within myself. Aargh. (yes – I jump from missing buttons on screen to self-evaluation and melancholy).

It would be so lovely for the screen to look just they way it does on the PC – with the hyperlink button.